Name: M.kimon-style
Theme: Tree
Kind of business: Kimono dressing assistance in your own home

I travel all over Japan for kimono dressing.
I can also go overseas if you want! I can dress you at home, travel to your wedding venue, or shoot on location.

I would like to cooperate with photographers, hair and makeup artists, planners, and kimono stylists.

I also put a lot of effort into my kimono dressing lessons, and I want to increase the number of people I work with, so I created my website around two pillars.

The theme was originally created with the concept of a café website, but it looks stylish in kimono, and it would not look out of place on a website that provides a kimono dressing service. The quality of the photos in the set is also very high, so please have a look at it.


Free Bus Planning Co.

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