Design plus Recruitment

Name: Design plus Recruitment
Theme: VENUS
Kind of site: Recruit site
WordPress Theme “VENUS” was used to create our recruitment site.
Please pay attention to the block content on the top page.
I think you can see the various colors of blocks on the picture. Black of base color is arranged up and down so as to sandwich this block contents. This has the effect of tightening the overall impression.
The top page does not change frequently, I think it is good to make the images inserted like this.

As an aside, there are many job submissions from this recruiting site every month. For companies, human resources are not only the present, but also a big factor that determines the future. Instead of relying solely on job advertisements for hiring, it is essential to have a scheme that allows people to gather at their own company.

It would be better to make your own job site now.

Design plus


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