catacrico design

Name: catacrico design
Theme: Tree
Kind of business: Web Design Office

When the Tree theme was announced, I fell in love with it so deeply that I was finally able to renew my official website with Tree.
Basically, I did not customize any part of the program.
The original design was great, so I only had to write a little CSS, and I was very satisfied with the result.

I think it’s a theme for restaurants, but it’s also perfect for a design and consulting company like ours.

I used the blog function as a dedicated place to post my “production results,” so I will be able to keep updating it frequently.
I would like to recommend it to my clients as well.

I appreciate your kind comments. Thank you very much. As you mentioned in your message, the theme was originally created for a compact restaurant site, but its stylish design makes it a good match for design and production companies as well.

The blog content is used to post production results. It’s easy to read, with a bulleted list of clients and plans for each achievement.

Tokawa Japanese Garden Laboratory

Flower shop in Sapporo, Beninohana-ya

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