One day on October 2018, we decided to go on the journey called “TCD MUSEUM” in order to find out the answer as to how our products were conveyed to users.

There are reasons for making it past sentences, so I will explain it here.
In fact, the concept of “TCD MUSIC” has long been under consideration.
However, it was not easy to take action, and I decided to leave it as a “somewhat matter” in a corner of my mind for a while.

There are three main reasons, I think:

“What does it make sense by doing it?”
It would certainly be a motive to look for the answer to the question of how our creations are growing.
But of course this is not a play. I could not find a certain purpose in looking for answers in the project.
That must have been the cause of lowering the priority.

“What if I would gather only sites that are not suitable for posting?”
I was honestly worried that I could make a gallery site that seems to be wonderful no matter who sees it.
That anxiety might have been a sufficient factor to brake the action.

“That’s so hard, isn’t it?”
As some of you may know, the TCD theme has been planned, developed, and sold by us, but we are never a large group of people.
It is a hesitant environment to say the opinion whether releasing one theme every month and being able to create the resource while developing it. I think it was probably a taboo.

However, the situation changed completely.

An internal SNS representative has posted a feeling that can not be revealed to colleagues on Twitter.

The information spread rapidly, and received support from more than 100 users in about three days.

I couldn’t excuse myself for saying that I was going to do it a little more leisurely, and I had to face that second big anxiety with the launch of the project.

“What if I would gather only sites that are not suitable for posting?”

From the conclusion, it was not to worry.
If you look at TCD MUSEUM, you will see that there are many high-level sites gathered.

I felt miserable oneself who had anxiety for a long time.
I was just moved by the quality and enthusiasm that exceeded my expectations.

The three major problems were cleared up two, “let’s try…” the momentum was gained.
After that, resources were a problem but I was disappointed when I checked my schedule.
At that time the timing was around mid-October and was in the midst of preparing for the TCD64 which will release at the end of the month.

(I could’t help it. I thought I would try to talk about it when the release work settles down.)
However, Nakata of the representative of our company had already took a action at that time.

I saw the character of “TCD MUSEUM” that was made in our chat channels and the members who are called there. (*Despite being busy with the release of the theme)

The task of selecting a base theme (this time selecting the WordPress theme VIEW) and then brushing up the basic design and applying the improvements we learned from this project to the themes was rapidly moving.

Omitted… -I can’t remember that time anymore.-

Today, 10 days passed from that tweet, “TCD MUSEUM” was released on October 23, 2018.

I am very sorry that it becomes only the introduction of each site with poor still.

In the future, we would like to consider and implement various measures to make the content of customers who are supporting TCD more brilliant.

I would like to excite with you, so please continue to patronize TCD theme.

P.S. #1: Those who gave us a mention on twitter, thank you for your cooperation this time. Everything will be posted unless it is an incomplete site. if you don’t have your own site listed yet, please wait a little longer.

P.S. #2: Everyone for the design plus, thanks for your hard work. And thank you for everything.

“TCD MUSEUM” completed through the above process is a web design gallery introducing the website using WordPress theme TCD.