Hikari Yutori Yutaka Yamamoto Mitsuhiro Website

Name: Hikari Yutori Yutaka Yamamoto Mitsuhiro Website
Theme: HAKU

Mr. Mitsuhiro Yamamoto, a counselor and consultant, is using HAKU. He used to use VOGUE, but switched to HAKU.

I think HAKU’s demo site is photogenic and the photos leave a strong impact, but I wanted a minimalist design, so I customized the CSS to make the site look simple and friendly.

In addition, one stroke illustrations are used as images to further emphasize the simplicity of the design.

The site’s simple white-based structure makes the vertically-written catchphrases and one stroke illustrations stand out. I felt that the site left a lasting impression on the viewer because it matched the Japanese atmosphere unique to HAKU with the words and illustrations by “Mitsuhiro Yamamoto”. If you are considering HAKU, please take a look at this site.

Culti Inc.


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