yockdesign – Design Work site

Name: yockdesign – Design Work site

Editorial and graphic designer Yoshikuni Inoue uses FAMOUS for his website.

TCD’s “FAMOUS” template was selected to create the portfolio site. This selection placed particular emphasis on the visual and functional qualities of the galleries in order to effectively present the work to the client.

There are three key points that we are happy to operate.

The first is the ability to post videos in the above the fold. This allows us to instantly communicate the many works we “want to show”.
Feedback from visitors has been that they were surprised and impacted by this new method of using video by book designers, who are used to static representations.

Second, we can graphically express our strength in working with a wide variety of genres.
This has received positive feedback from visitors that they are excited to see the site.

Third, the PR function in the footer is excellent for differentiation from others. This is very useful in that it allows smooth sharing of activities other than book design, such as information on events for personal brands.

From the above key points, we find this template very user-friendly and with many advantages.

Thank you for summarizing the points in your comment! The header video that jumps out at the moment you open the site is a great way to promote the work. Among the stylish works you have done, there are many books that I have seen before. It’s the kind of video that makes you want to keep watching.

Please take a look at this well-balanced site.


Hayashi Clinic in front of Okubo Station

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