The story of the lakeside towns of Kasumigaura

Name: The story of the lakeside towns of Kasumigaura
Kind of site: Local Media
Address: Ibaraki

RUMBLE is being used by a local media focusing on Kasumigaura, the longest perimeter lake in Japan located in Ibaraki Prefecture.

This is a local media that introduces various things about the lakeside of Kasumigaura with illustrations by current staff of the local government.

RUMBLE allows the user to move around the site as if traveling through the region.
In addition, the theme colors that can be set for each category gives accent. And looks much sharper.

In order to take full advantage of the high quality of the theme, the structure of the site was almost the same as the demo site, but since all the images are illustrations, I think I was able to create originality at the same time.

The site is run by current staff of the local government, so it covers a wide range of information. It is also unique in that all the images are illustrations. This gives it a sense of originality.

The beauty of the illustrations and the wealth of content make this a cool web media with plenty of volume. Please check it out.



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