Kind of business: Local Media
Comment: is a web media site that delivers information about food, sightseeing, and events in Ibaraki City, Osaka that will make visitors and residents of Ibaraki City enjoy themselves.

The layout is constructed with reference to the demo site.

Thank you for taking the time to reference the demo site! We’re happy to receive comments like this, as we’ve dropped what we think is beautiful into the demo site content at the time of release as an example. One of the strengths of local media is that they are able to provide a level of localized information that major media outlets cannot. I think there’s a lot of niche demand for this kind of local media, because people often don’t know much about their own city.

Personally, even if you don’t live in Ibaraki City, there was information about shops you simply want to visit, so please take a look.

Judicial and Administrative Clerks, Miwako Murata & Co.

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