Flower shop in Sapporo, Beninohana-ya

Name: Flower shop in Sapporo, Beninohana-ya
Theme: EGO.
Kind of business: Flower Shop

Flower store in Kita-ku, Sapporo, Japan. We deliver flowers to all areas of Hokkaido.
From celebrations to condolences, you can order flowers according to your desired purpose and budget.

This is a beautiful site. The colors have been completely changed from the demo site, giving the impression of a flower store with a calm tone. The photos of the flowers are all consistent and beautifully colored.

The top page has content that can be selected from categories and leads to various lower-level pages, but the text is neatly organized so that it doesn’t look cluttered. Please take a look at the beauty of the site.

catacrico design

Assist Up Co.

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