Kano Kawasaki Official Site

Name: Kano Kawasaki Official Site
Theme: SKIN
Kind of site: Personal Branding, Pianist

We have purchased and implemented your theme for our website renovation. We implemented SKIN after comparing the elegance, visuals and layout.

We chose SKIN because it was a good fit with our image as a musician’s corporate website, as well as the original concept of an esthetic salon and bridal salon.

At the same time as the website renewal, we also had the launch of the piano accompaniment recording service “Ensemble House” in mind, so we used the layout of the course introduction to promote the concept of the new service and how to use it.

I was not sure if it was a good fit for Switch or Story, but the course introduction layout was the deciding factor for us to use SKIN.

This was my first time migrating to a theme and I did it all by myself, so I may not be able to make the most of the theme itself yet, but the page builder feature was very useful and easy to use, and it was easy to customize, even for a WordPress newbie.

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind comments. The colors have been changed and it’s gorgeous and pianistic.

The usability of the site seems to be high, with the flow of use, payment options, and frequently asked questions all consolidated in a side area on the lower level page.



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