Marriage Consulting Firm “Pure Wedding Osaka”

Name: Marriage Consulting Firm “Pure Wedding Osaka”
Theme: Skin
Kind of business: Marriage Consulting Agency

Nice to meet you. My name is H. of Pure Wedding, a marriage consulting agency in Osaka Umeda.
I would like to put my website on the museum.

I bought SKIN because I was attracted by the good layout and balance of the images on my friend’s website.

Until then, I had another website made by a professional using WordPress and I was only updating my blog, so I felt it was a waste of time and money to ask for corrections each time I needed them.

TCD’s template was produced only by a professional at first, and only the minimum number of pages were produced and After receiving it, I can update it almost by myself, and it’s very cost-effective and stress-free. It comes in handy. I am especially impressed by the function of the homepage builder and the method of editing the layout of the TOP page very conveniently.

When we looked at other people’s websites at the museum, we saw that there are parts of the site that we are not yet able to use, so we will continue to improve and build a site that will lead to work.

As for our website, we are aiming for a refined page that is different from the websites of other companies’ matchmaking agencies, with a sense of unity and balance in color and photos.

Sorry for the long sentence.
I look forward to the information in your mail magazine. I especially appreciate the articles on advertising.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

It’s great for us that you’re using the theme’s features with such excitement! I’m also glad to hear that you are making good use of TCD MUESUM (this website).

As for the site, the pink color and happy eye-catchers are all in one shot. The site is designed to be recognizable as a wedding-related site. Please also check out this page The work blog of the marriage coordinator


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