Moncape Inc.

Name: Moncape Inc.
Theme: FAKE
Kind of business: Architectural design

We purchased FAKE because we were just starting up and didn’t have the time to spend on creating a site.

We are an architecture and design production company, and we chose it because it seemed like it would allow us to use the video at the top to convey more information and then have people load it up.

The template provided examples of what and how to communicate, so we mimicked the structure of the site and it looked like a company website. I’m satisfied with how easy and stylish it is to upload information to the site.

We are happy to see that you are using FAKE as per your development concept. It would be a great honor for you to mimic the structure of our demo site. We hope it will help you to build a speedy site.

This page is created in a landing page style and has a clear overview of the service. Please take a look at it.

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