Hidemi Consulting

Name: Hidemi Consulting
Theme: TOKI
Kind of business: Business Consulting

Thank you for all your help.
You’ve been very polite in responding to a lot of amateurish questions.
I would like to thank you.

I don’t have any particular points I want to pick up on.
I bought it because of the Japanese/English switchover.

Thank you for your kind comments!

First impressions were I felt that it had a completely different vibe than the demo site of TOKI.

The colors of the entire site are consistent with the colors of the Nigerian flag, so the site is received as a stylish corporate site rather than the Japanese feel of the demo site.

Some people use the colors as the default, but you can see how much of a difference changing the colors and eye-catching images can make.

When deciding on a site’s color scheme, you may want to try setting it to match the image you want to convey when deciding on your site’s color scheme to get some originality.

How to live better in your 40s.

“Production Q”, the website of Kyudo photographer and producer Koji Okuno