SASUKE Shonan Kickboxing

Name: SASUKE Shonan Kickboxing
Theme: Switch
Kind of site: Sport team/Martial arts

This is a kickboxing team in the Shonan area.
The main purpose of this community is to relieve lack of exercise.
It has been going on since 2006, and has produced more than 1,000 registered members and professional athletes.

The video is set in the header content on the front page. The first view gives you an idea of what kind of vibes the team has.

Here’s the page “What is SASUKE?”This page appeal to be different from a normal gym or dojo.

It may be easier for users to join if you include information that they are interested in on these pages. This is because you want to know what the team is about and what kind of people are there before you go.

Frequently Asked Questions page to see what the most common questions are about running a community. Please check this out.

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