Name: FX-global
Theme: Bloom
Kind of business: Technical Analysis Site

It is a technical analysis site of FX, but I would like to change a negative image of FX to a positive image by using Bloom.
Also, I love the TCD theme, and I really like the structure of this Bloom’s front page.

I’m glad you liked the TCD theme. The top page of BLOOM, which is particularly popular, features a large carousel slider and tabs that allow you to sort articles by type, and I felt it was designed to be easy to understand even for beginners.

The title of the larger posts is set with copy that makes you want to click on it. The tabbed area also has “basic knowledge” and “technical terms”, making it easy for a complete beginner to know which posts to start with.

YouTube videos are embedded within the article and are summarized in videos and images for easy sensory imagery. It was unified with a bright eye-catching image, so there was no stiff image of foreign exchange margin trading, but rather a catchy impression. If you’re just starting out, why don’t you go to this page first?

Kanda Kurenai Officialwebsite


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