Izumi Driving School

Name: Izumi Driving School
Kind of business: Driving School

We wanted to create a website that would change the image of the driving school, so we filmed a video using a drone, which we have started to handle, and set it on the top page.

As you wrote in your message, the image of the driving school in me has been completely refreshed! LOL.
The high impact drone video displayed on the full screen is impressive. I’m also surprised that you’re filming this kind of video in-house. The colorful and distinctive layout of the UNIQUE site design is also a good match for the content. The driving school has a conservative image, but it’s stylish and pop with outstanding appeal.

There is also a link in the footer that says Drone Training Center SMILE Kagoshima School.
We are thankful that you are also using our product.

I was intrigued by the fact that they are building a training school specializing in drone operation, while actually putting the footage taken with their drones in the header of the training school’s website. Of course, the completion of the site and the innovative approach of the driving school are interesting. Please take a look.


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