eat at home

Name: eat at home
Theme: Bloom
Kind of site: Recipe Site

Bloom is being used by “eat at home”.
This recipe site is run by Yukiko Iizuka, a culinary researcher and graphic designer.

is a recipe website for a lifestyle of cooking and eating well at home, as told by Yukiko Iizuka, a culinary researcher and graphic designer.

The motivation behind the creation of this site is spelled out below. Please read it if you like.

As a culinary researcher and graphic designer, I realized that this is what I can do now, so I launched this site.
Many people in the world now search for recipes on the Internet.
With so many recipes available on the Internet, I believe that authenticity of recipes will be important in the future.
This site will carefully convey what I have valued as a cook and the detailed points that cannot be conveyed in books.

It has been a year since the site was launched. The number of accesses has been increasing little by little.
Some people have sent us feedback on SNS.
I am planning to increase the number of recipes for each season and to post a wide range of recipes, not only for sweets, but also for cooking and Japanese sweets.
I am also planning to recruit companies to sponsor the site in the future.

This is a very beautiful site.
The photos of the food, as well as the use of margins to take advantage of the theme’s design, seem very skillful. The recipe blog, with its well-balanced set of text and photos, is also easy to read and beautiful.

The size of the images set in the article is also properly aligned, and we feel the attention to detail. Please take a look at it as a reference when creating your site.

Each photo looks as beautiful as the paid materials. The photos used to explain the recipe steps also showed strong attention to detail. They are truly beautiful, so please take a look.
See the recipe for Orange Peel Pound Cake

Koushin Staff

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