“Wandering Traveler: Hakuto’s Photo Album”

Name: “Wandering Traveler: Hakuto’s Photo Album”
Kind of business: Gallery Site

The top page randomly displays all the images from the past, so that the past images are not buried. On top of that, you can choose to view images by new arrivals or by theme.
Although it is not directly related to the theme, I have also given consideration to the display speed.

The reason why I decided on this theme is
・It is the only theme that can show a lot of pictures on the top page.
・The eye catching image on the top page is in 4/3 format and can be displayed without any trimming.
・It’s a unique layout structure that differentiates it from other photo-related sites.
These were the three points.

The color of the site has been drastically changed from the demo site. As a gallery site, “PHOTEK” is skillfully used to show a lot of photos on the top page. The site is set up so that you can sort photos intuitively, so you can quickly find photos in your favorite categories.

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