Hajimete no Sangokushi memories

Name: Hajimete no Sangokushi memories
Kind of site: Entertainment site (History of Sangokushi)

In “Hajimete no Sangokushi memories”, I made efforts to help people enjoy the lifestyle and role of each warlord through cute illustrations.It is structured to further deepen the interest in Chinese history toward those who are difficult to memorize complex time series and names of warlord.

It is very good to use the illustration.
The pretty illustrations that are said also in the introduction will attract a lots of users.

Strong content gives you a sense of stability and instantly tells you that the site is different from others.
It is a very informative content for photographers and illustrators.

This site has also been entered. –> Hajimeteno Sangokushi

Jinsei hyakunen jidaino 〇〇ryoku kenkyujo

Noda kanban

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