Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners|MUZYX Online

Name: Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners|MUZYX Online
Theme: EVERY
Kind of Site: Online Guitar Lessons

This is an online service where you can watch guitar lesson videos for free and feel free to ask questions.

The video details page can be customized, the lesson videos can be categorized into different levels using a custom taxonomy, and the comment box can be used as a question box for members only (hidden for non-members).

We have also implemented a paid membership feature with Simple Membership, and in the future we plan to offer videos only for paid members.

It’s really an amazing era. We live in an age where you can learn and attend lectures for free. And it’s not limited to where or when.

This site has a customized page of lesson videos, with star icons to intuitively grasp the difficulty level of the lesson. The videos for each song also clearly show what techniques are used, making it very easy to understand. I think this site is ideal for guitar beginners.

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