Yuwa Shikou, Ltd.

Name: Yuwa Shikou, Ltd.
Theme: KADAN
Kind of site: Corporate site

We are a printing company in Kyoto.

For the renewal of the website, we chose KADAN, which has a “Japanese” flavor, because we wanted to create an atmosphere that gives people a sense of Kyoto as well as the company.

KYOTO as a domain name was chosen to convey a sense of craftsmanship and history in the images and words used.

The top page will be changed to reflect the four seasons.
We hope that visitors will enjoy this website.

The site is very cool and complete, and I feel that they are making good use of the characteristics of KADAN, and they are very particular about the quality of the images and the amount of text.

It expresses the Japanese taste all over, and the top page has the atmosphere like a page of a magazine. Even the font and size of the text are beautiful, such as using black and white images in some parts and balancing vertical and horizontal writing.

I would like to introduce this website as a model for others to follow.
I love the idea of changing the top page to match the four seasons. Please take a look at it. You can feel the attention to detail.



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