The association for NFI-Assurance

Name: The association for NFI-Assurance
Theme: STORY
Kind of site: NFI-Assurance
This is the site of the Non-Financial Information Guarantee Association.
・ Created by a completely new web creator
・ Production period is about one month (weekends only)
・ Overall feeling of unity
・ There are a lot of information to be posted, but in order to maintain the design, the text is composed with reference to the number of characters on the demo page.
・ How to use photos and keywords
To be honest, I’m very surprised that web production beginners are building a site with so much solid content. I felt that the balance between the amount of text and the image quality of the photos were beautifully balanced.
Our theme demo page is beautifully and optimally used with templates so that we don’t compromise on the number of characters, not to mention photos.
So I’m really glad that you can refer to them for actual content creation!

Sengoku junrei emaki

Niconico motor

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