Sengoku junrei emaki

Name: Sengoku junrei emaki
Theme: STYLY
Kind of site: Japanese history
It is a site that introduces things related to the history of the castle, which has been produced by operators who have been interested in history since childhood.

STYLY’s special feature is that it allows us to build original websites full of originality by making use of the knowledge gained from our experience, our hobby and design sense. For people who are interested in the Sengoku period, I am aiming to build an original site based on articles and photographs taken when I visited a castle.

There are many sites that introduce hobbies, but by incorporating the author’s own feelings and real experiences, you can differentiate them from others. Exactly this site introduces history along with the feelings the author has felt on the spot.Please take a look.

Nicot house

Tokushu seisou Mind

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