Pale Blue Dot

Name: Pale Blue Dot
Theme: DIVA

DIVA was selected for the official website of the documentary film “Pale Blue Dot.”

I purchased a theme for the website of the documentary film ‘Pale Blue Dot’ creating an atmosphere of serene elegance. The page layout allowed for dynamic placement of images from the film, effectively capturing the essence of the movie’s world. Thanks to this, we’ve begun receiving inquiries for screenings, which is wonderful.

Pale Blue Dot
Cast Members
Touching the invisible

The distinctive full-screen hero header of DIVA creates a powerful impact on visitors, sparking imagination about what the site entails and guiding them towards the sub pages.

Moreover, the design allows for a background image to be set across sub pages, enabling the expression of the overall ambiance of the website.

→ Full screen background images for a looming live look

Please take a look at this site as an example of how DIVA is being used.

Hair Salon Mame Pochido

TrysLinx Co., Ltd.

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