Unfamiliar Japan Tours

Name: Unfamiliar Japan Tours
Theme: VIEW

VIEW is being used by “Unfamiliar Japan Tours”. This site introduces hidden places of interest in Japan that are not well known internationally.

Although VIEW has been on the market for quite some time, we still consider it to be the world’s premier grid-layout web theme. We are constantly researching themes of the same type both domestically and internationally, but we have yet to find one that surpasses VIEW, so we continue to use it.

Likewise, we are still convinced that TCD is the No.1 WordPress theme provider. This is mainly due to the fact that TCD is easy to customize even for amateurs, not to mention the excellent customer service and the pixel-perfect design.

We appreciate the very nice comments and are honored that you can’t find anything that surpasses VIEW. The theme we are utilizing in our MUSEUM is also a slightly customized version of VIEW. We will consider developing a successor theme to VIEW at TCD in the future.

The site color is unified in monotone, and the photos of hidden places of interest in Japan are balanced with a subdued tone. The site is updated by the operator of an English interpretation guide, and it is a site that accurately appeals to overseas users with information on hidden places of interest in Japan. The site provides information that is not included in general guides, and we believe it will be a useful reference for users of global media, regardless of genre.

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Cafe Hitoashi

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