RANATAIL, a stylish conference room with glass walls

Name: RANATAIL, a stylish conference room with glass walls
Theme: DROP

RANATAIL, which rents out meeting rooms in Minamimorimachi, Osaka, has used DROP for its website.

We believe we were able to take advantage of the characteristics of the “DROP” theme to express the creative atmosphere of the rental space we operate on the site.

We feel that the quality of the images used in a site is always important. This is because the quality of images is very high on many sites that I think are beautiful or cool at first impression.

It is not just about resolution; it is also important to match the overall color scheme of the site and the atmosphere of the service. In this respect, this site is just as stylish as “RANATAIL’s” image. Each image conveys the atmosphere of a stylish rental space.

The plan page is also clearly organized, so if you live in Osaka, please take a look through it.

Mori Akiko Official Website

“NINSHU” official web site, handmade ceramics

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