Theme: NANO
Kind of business: Remodeling contractor specializing in doorways(Genkan)

We are a front door remodeling specialist.
This is a website where you can apply for replacement of your front door on the website.

Thanks to the theme, we were able to create the site exactly as we wanted it to be, with clear navigation and categorized examples of work.

The words “front door renovation specialist with a 98% customer satisfaction rate” caught my eye the moment I opened the site. I found myself scrolling down, but I had the impression that the contents were easy to read and would naturally enter my mind.

The size of the text and the location of the line breaks also have an effect on this. The top page contains all the necessary information, and the size of the contents, both large and small, gives the impression of an LP.

Please refer to the structure of showing all the information that users are interested in on the first page.

Experiences of the VAD

CxC Leather

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