Iraco Tennis College, Izumi Chuo School

Name: Iraco Tennis College, Izumi Chuo School
Theme: Opinion
Kind of site: Tennis School

Call for convention information with an eye catching image.

As you received in your message, you have included information about the tennis tournament in the eye catching image and set it up so that people can click on it to enter the tournament immediately.

In a fixed page, you make use of quick-tag buttons, and at the bottom of the page, you have a button that takes you back to home. was impressive.

There is no global menu and the tabbed menu is not fixed at the top of Opinion, but thanks to this kind of device, users can smoothly return to the home page after scrolling through the pages. It’s a great way for users to get around the site without any trouble.

If you’re an Opinion user, this is a great way to get started.

NLD. [Nightlife Dict.]

Gifu Yokoyama Bags of School Bags

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