YOKOSO Shinjuku

Name: YOKOSO Shinjuku
Theme: CORE
Kind of site: Local Media

We are using it for our store and event information website. We were looking for a design that would allow us to display as many articles on the top page as possible in a stylish way, like an overturned toy box.

We are very happy with the design, which fits perfectly with the purpose of the site and is very easy to use.

TCD’s design has been a big hit within our company, and the rest of the production team has purchased the theme as well.

The information in your newsletter is also very helpful and we always look forward to reading it.

Thank you for your kind comments!

As it is an information media, the design of CORE is designed to display a lot of content from the top page.

We are very honored to hear that the design fits the purpose of the site. Moreover, it’s amazing that they are operating in 4 different languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

I think the site is a great way to approach the attractions of Shinjuku from a variety of perspectives for visitors to the city, both in Japan and abroad. Please take a look at the rich content of the site.

Illustrator Chisato Seino

Ballet competition website for adult

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