Theme: AMORE
Kind of site: Yakiniku restaurant
Address: Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto

It is unbelievable to be able to publish a fashionable and cool homepage by this theme even if there is no special skill. Of course, nobody believes that I created this website because I am not familiar with IT. Thank you very much for everyone of TCD.

I do not miss the topic of comparing the case of asking a professional web producer to using TCD theme, but in fact it is very difficult to compare.
That’s because it’s completely different depending on whether you’re looking at knowledge or technology or your love and feelings for content.

It may not be realistic to place a large budget on a home page when it comes to personal management, but I would like to recommend TCD theme to those people by all means. I felt that “NIKUTARASHI” is a very helpful site based on that idea. Thank you for your entry with a nice impression.

Kenko keiei labo

Fun! Chichibu

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