Cheese Bar Tingara

Name: Cheese Bar Tingara
Theme: AMORE
Kind of business: Restaurant

I created this website to convey the image of the restaurant in a stylish way using Amore.

I tried to use as many images as possible so that customers can easily imagine the atmosphere of the restaurant and the food it serves.

We have also incorporated Facebook and Instagram feeds, and created a system where customers who register for the restaurant’s LINE business account can receive a coupon for half off the most popular dishes, encouraging repeat customers to come back.

We have also incorporated a reservation system.
Before we built the website, most of our reservations were made through Gurunavi, but now we get more web reservations through the website!

I’m getting much better results by doing it myself than by asking other consultants to attract customers.

Thank you for letting me use your wonderful theme.

Thank you for your kind comments!
As you can see in your comment, we are very happy to see more and more reservations being made through our website. It seems that the strategy of linking the website with SNS is producing results. This is a must-see for anyone who manages a restaurant website.



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