Lure Press

Name: Lure Press
Theme: BLOC
Kind of business: Gallery site

This is the home page for press releases of bass fishing lures that I have picked up for my own taste. I don’t care if it catches fish or not. This is an archive of lures for black bass. I will introduce the beauty and individuality of my favorite lures from my point of view, and accumulate information.

I was surprised by the artistic atmosphere of the lure gallery; the product images displayed on BLOC can be selected from two sizes, and they are changed to match the size of the lure. The lure images displayed on BLOC can be selected from two different sizes, so they can be changed according to the size of the lure, which is a clever use of the different sizes of lures and the functionality of BLOC.

The background color of the lure images is changed in many places to create a stylish atmosphere. The site also includes detailed impressions of the lures themselves, so please take a look at it as an example of how to use a gallery site to introduce items of particular interest.

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