Oishii Kamakura

Name: Oishii Kamakura
Theme: Styly
Kind of business: Restaurant, local media

A restaurant information website that specializes in the region.
By putting together an impressive collection of the latest food photos from the restaurants, we were able to increase awareness in a short period of time.

The coloring of the gallery section, along with the logo’s at the top of the page, is impressive.

Also, the photos of all the restaurants are in high quality and are beautiful to look at. In addition to basic information about the restaurant, the site also includes information about the daily menu and take-out menu. The restaurant’s introduction page is also extensive in its own right.

In addition to being able to sort by area or genre, it’s also convenient to use the search form to look up the restaurants, and the amount of content on the site is amazing. I could feel the attitude of the Kamakura locals towards enlivening their hometown. Please check it out.

Nagomiya Honpo

Suga Dental Clinic

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