Sea Slug Club

Name: Sea Slug Club
Theme: TOKI
Kind of site: GALLERY

There are many creatures which can be observed by diving, but this site deals with the theme of sea slugs, which are called the jewels of the sea.

At present, more than 200 species of nudibranchs which can be observed in Amami Oshima Island are registered in the database.
The site will be updated in Japanese/English.

It’s niche content, but it has a very different vibe than the TOKI demo site. The site is bilingual and appeals to users globally. The design makes use of the functionality of the TCD theme, which allows the user to freely set the contents of the front page, and makes the blog the main attraction.

This page also contains basic information about Amami Oshima Island, which can effectively appeal to tourists from abroad.

It is essential to make the content (sea slugs) as well as necessary information to build a global site.

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