Hew One’s Way, Inc.

Name: Hew One’s Way, Inc.
Theme: ORION
Kind of site: Corporate site

I met TCD shortly after the company was established and we created a corporate website.
I remember being impressed with the quality of the site, which was done to a certain degree in one day.
Four years later, it’s still working for us.

I’ve had many compliments on the site from people I’ve never met before.
I feel that this is linked to improving the image of the company.

Thank you for your very nice message!
We would be happy if a third party complimented the site and helped to improve your company’s image. I was drawn to the video set on the front page. You can see that the header content is the first key element of the site because people see the site on first impressions. You have also organized your business in columns that are easy to read.

It is important that the corporate site design makes it easy to understand what the company does and that the various services can be accessed smoothly. This site satisfies these points, so please take a look at it as a reference.

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