“Production Q”, the website of Kyudo photographer and producer Koji Okuno

Name: Production Q
Theme: HAKU
Kind of business: Kyudo photographer and producer

This is the site of the world’s only Kyudo photographer and Kyudo producer.
I am introducing beautiful pictures and activities of Kyudo.
I would like to spread the beauty of Japanese traditional Kyudo to the world. Please feel free to contact us.

Kyudo is a Japanese martial art that has been around since ancient times. The website of Koji Okuno’s website is dedicated to promoting Kyudo.

The ABOUT page is also written in English, so those who don’t understand Japanese can also visit the site. You can understand it.

From the top page, you can access the gallery to another site (WEB KYUDO EXIBITION) . It seems to be operated as a satellite site.

Please take a look at the gallery of beautiful and powerful Kyudo photos.

Hidemi Consulting

Maillady Happi

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