Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai Junior and Senior High School.

Name: Hirosaki Gakuin Seiai Junior and Senior High School.
Theme: NANO
Kind of business: School

The pre-renovated website was built with free WordPress theme. However, it didn’t fully convey the school’s features and appeal, and the design was getting a bit old-fashioned. We decided to redesign our website.

With the redesign of the website, we wanted to break away from the usual school website design concept and create a more branded site.
However, it was essential for the school to make sure that the necessary information would be delivered to parents, students and the community in a way that was easy to understand.
That’s when I came across the theme “NANO I thought it would be able to meet all these requirements, and that’s why I decided to use it.

As a result, I think I was able to create a wonderfully designed website easily, even though I have no expertise in this field. If you are willing to publish it, I’d like to see it on a website that is not confined to the genre of “school” websites. So I decided.

Thank you for your kind message.

NANO was originally designed with a medium or larger corporate website in mind, but you have cleverly used it for a school website.The site is set up so that you can access the information you need instantly by using the announcements tab on the front page. As you received in your message, it’s not only different from the design of a typical school site, but also the information you need. It is transmitted in an easy to understand manner. Please check it out.

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