Kind of business: Web Media for Application.

In June 2019, we introduced this site, We had been using TCD’s “mag” for a while now, and as the site grew, we switched to “RUMBLE” because of its beautiful design and ease of use. is an iOS music production application called KORG Gadget, but as the site grew in volume, we decided to use “RUMBLE” for the portal site. Anyway, I like the amount of stuff that can be presented to visitors on the top page and the way it looks. On the other hand, the smartphone is also beautiful and nimble.
I think that RUMBLE is a great theme that will stand up to the ever-growing content of this site.


Thank you for your very detailed and gratifying comment! You were originally using MAG, weren’t you? First of all, in my honest opinion, I was impressed with the part of the site where the logo and the loading icon color scheme are matched. The color of the menu is also unified, so the image is attached as a brand color. There’s also a “Reverse Pull Manual” to make the information-heavy magazine media easier to read. If you’re thinking of running a content-heavy media operation, some of this will be helpful. Please take a look.

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