4Files creator

Name: 4Files creator
Theme: NANO
Kind of site: Consultant
This is a website with a concept that makes life better. Seminar information and e-mail magazines based on the concept are transmitted on the site.

I am operating several other sites using TCD themes. Nano was released when I was thinking of creating a corporate site and decided to buy it right away.
As I named “4 Files Creator”, I wanted to show off 4 files, so I thought about how I could make the most of this mega menu. I thought to give an impression by making the background a single color on purpose.
Other than that, I’m conscious of creating 3STEP.
If we are creating a site, we tend to arrange information equally.
I wanted to solve this, so I used “STEP” to express it.
Although I am not used to “NANO”, I would like to grow this site along with the growth of my business.
(I operate the site by myself, and it is quite hard to create the information to fill in the setting items of NANO.)
The biggest benefit of using the TCD theme is that I can organize my business together by filling the site.

It was a new realization for us that by building a site using the TCD theme, we can organize our business at the same time.

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